Stand out from the crowd

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Applying for jobs can feel repetitive and time-consuming. However, it is important that you tailor each application to the job you’re applying for. It’s your opportunity to stand out, to demonstrate your passion for the company and to emphasise what you can bring to the role. Don’t rely on just researching the company’s website and social media channels, contact the company to find out more, go the extra mile.

Write a winning covering letter

Your chance to shine. A well thought out covering letter transforms you from ‘another application’ into a personality. Expand on a few key skills and experience referenced in your CV and how they are relevant to the vacancy. Express your feelings, tell the company how interested and excited you are by the role. Ask for an interview, you are interested to discuss the company’s plans in more detail and how you can help.

Keep it simple. A single page is more than enough, but don’t worry if you write less. Structure your letter – your introduction paragraph, the job you are applying for and why. In your second paragraph explain your suitability for the role and your closing paragraph is your call to action – ask for an interview.

Wear your best smile

Interviews can be daunting; therefore, you need to be organised and prepared, this is where your research will help. If you have already spoken to the relevant people in the business, you have already started a conversation, so relax, be yourself and try to enjoy the experience. Remember, you get one chance to make a first impression, dress smartly and wear your best smile!

We have put together some useful tips for preparing a job application and attending an interview…