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Alliance Personnel 40% Commission Package

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This package provides industry performers an opportunity to operate as if they were running their own agency without all the risks, costs and commitments that are involved. This can be achieved by working in partnership with Alliance Personnel where you would be genuinely rewarded for your achievements without limitation or restriction.

Based on the 2nd year package detailed below, if you owned your own Agency working in partnership with at least one other Director you would earn less than in comparison to working in partnership with Alliance Personnel. This is because you don’t incur all the high costs associated with running a business i.e. rent, rates, leases, insurances, public liabilities, indemnities, subscriptions, utilities, bank charges, accountant’s fees, phone bills etc… In addition, you do not have the worry of personal indemnities (the bank having your house as security) or earning very little money in your first few years of business. Most agencies fail in the first 2 years of business because of cash flow problems. It may initially appear that Alliance is earning a greater share of the profits. However, the costs we incur for covering all the necessary outgoings outweigh the 20% balance i.e. You receive 40%, Alliance receives 60%, it costs more than 20% to cover the costs, this leaves Alliance with a balance less than 40%

In brief, you would operate with all the securities & benefits of an employee i.e. contract of employment, holiday pay etc… However, you would receive all the financial & working advantages of a Company Director i.e. (I am aware certain Consultants work as a Ltd Co, this option is available)

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