Questions for Alliance Personnel permanent commercial candidate: Risa Kenton

How did you hear about Alliance Personnel?
I heard through Indeed.

What were your first impressions of Alliance Personnel?
Very quick to respond to my request and very friendly yet professional.

What permanent position have you fulfilled?
Office administrator.

How long have you been in the position?
1 month.

What was the recruitment process with Alliance for this role?
First step – CV.
Second step – Telephone interview.
Third step – Orientation interview.
Fourth step – Final interview.

Can you describe the support you received from Alliance in this role?
Muj was very helpful and understanding about my circumstances. I have two young children and limited availability for interviews, but he kindly tried his best to arrange interviews for suitable dates/times as much as possible.

He also chased for the company’s reply when it took a while for them to give us updates, which was a great help.

Do you still have any contact with Alliance Personnel?
Yes, I am in contact with Alliance.

Would you recommend Alliance Personnel?