Navigating the new normal, a guide to businesses

Economies go through cycles of expansion and contraction, it’s a fact of life. Alliance Personnel’s Director Steven Massey knows how to weather cyclical economic storms, however, the COVID pandemic looks to have changed elements of the recruitment industry for good. Steven shares his thoughts on why businesses need to adapt to a new landscape…

The general success of the recruitment industry is a bellwether to the state of play within the wider economy. It stands to reason that the busier we are the greater the need for skills, and the opposite is true when things quieten down. Whichever way you look at it, COVID has ensured that some industries will never be the same again. Recruitment is one such sector, recruiters have had to radically change their processes and in turn convince their clients to do likewise in order to succeed.

Let’s start by looking at the physical side of recruitment. Most if not all initial interviews are now conducted via video link, it’s quite feasible that for some roles a candidate may never even step foot in the recruiter’s office. This change in behaviour offers a distinct advantage. We can now recruit for clients nationwide from our Birmingham HQ. The majority of recent placements made by the Alliance Professional team have been for positions in London.

For our Industrial and Driving clients we can now conduct mass registrations, candidates can register in their own time, providing us with access to individuals who are currently in employment but looking for a new challenge. There is no requirement to take a day off work to register, drivers can register from their phones whilst taking a break in their cab.

Aside from physical meetings, the era of ‘working from home’ has ushered in far reaching implications for businesses as well as recruiters. Additional economic pressure from the cost-of-living crisis, combined with closed immigration borders has seen an emphatic rise in competition between employers all fishing in a much reduced pool for skilled employees. Therefore, it is more important than ever for businesses and recruiters to work to exact recruitment plans that are regularly reviewed and updated.

Matching expectations of prospective employees is no longer good enough, businesses must prove that they can exceed expectations. Brand reputation and attitude to a healthy work / life balance is now paramount to ensuring that recruiters can provide the number of candidates required. Flexible / hybrid working, reward schemes and team days / corporate events can really help to ensure an employee feels valued and fulfilled in their role.

Presenting the very best version of your business and living by this has never been more vital in the search for recruiting the best talent on the market. This is where Alliance can help, we’re working with you, not just for you.

Placing People First is more than just our mantra; it’s what we live by every day; sourcing the best candidates and supporting businesses 24 / 7 365.

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