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The following induction is to be completed after you watched our Halfords introduction video.


I have been informed where the fire assembly point is.

I understand the search procedure in place for leaving the Distribution Centre.

I understand that the following items below are not allowed in the Distribution Centre

I understand the Sickness Procedure below

If you are genuinely unwell and not able to come to work you need to contact us as soon as possible and

The 24/7 contact number is: 07703 837 704

We do not accept sickness notifications made through friends or any other way.
If you fail to notify us of your absence before the start of your shift, the absence will be treated as unauthorised and will trigger a disciplinary procedure.
Please note that your attendance and time keeping is closely monitored.
Poor attendance and/ or timekeeping will jeopardise your position in Halfords.

I understand the information regarding Swipe cards & locker keys below

During the course of your assignment in Halfords you will be issued with a swipe card and a locker key.

Both the swipe card and the locker key remain Alliance Personnel’s property.

The cost of replacement swipe card is £5.00 and replacement locker key is £6.50

Should you need a replacement card/ key or should you not return the card/ key within 1 day of your last shift in Halfords we will deduct the above amount from your wages to cover the cost of the replacements.

I authorise Alliance Personnel to deduct the replacement card/ key cost from my wages should I not return them to Alliance Personnel.

I understand the information below on Bringing to work personal items that are stocked and sold by Halfords

No personal items that are stocked by Halfords are to be taken into the Distribution Centre/pass the security search point.

If you need to bring an item to work that is stocked in Halfords you have to report it to security and leave it securely locked at security.

Should you be found to carry an item on/ with you that is being stocked by Halfords this will be treated as attempted theft.

I understand the Medication Disclosure Policy below

Anyone working in Halfords is required to inform us immediately once he/ she started a course of ANY medication whether prescribed or over the counter.

This is to ensure that:

1. The colleague is safe to carry on his/ her normal duties

2. In case of a drug test being conducted we know what substances may be present

Failure to disclose information about ANY medications being taken may lead to the assignment being ended

I understand the Holidays Procedure below

To book holiday, or to request holiday payments we operate two different, separate procedures.

1. Booking holidays

If you would like to book holidays, or any other time off work, you need to collect the holiday form from our office. Once you have it, fill it in and ask your team manager in Halfords to authorise it by signing the form.

*Please note that holidays can only be authorised by your team manager in Halfords. Alliance Personnel cannot authorise any holiday requests.

Once your team manager has signed the form, you must provide Alliance Personnel with the signed document. Your holiday is not officially booked in until you provide Alliance Personnel with this.

2. Holiday payments

Separate from the holiday booking, if you would like to receive holiday payment for the time you were off work you need to specifically request it using the procedure outlined below.

Please note that holiday payments can only be requested this way and requests made in any other way will not be actioned.

Also, if you book holiday but never request it to be paid, it will be treated us unpaid holiday.

To request holiday payment, you need to send an email to:


In your email you need to specify your Name & Surname and either

• Requested holiday payment amount, for instance: £20, £100, £89.72, all holiday, etc.


• Requested number of hours and your pay-rate (if no pay-rate provided, holiday payment will be processed at £NMW), for instance: 7.5hrs x £7.83, 15hrs x £7.83, 37.5hrs x £7.83, etc.

With work payments being paid in on Fridays, you need to send a separate email for every holiday payment you would like to receive on that coming Friday.

Your email with the holiday payment request needs to be received by Alliance Personnel between 10:01 on Monday in a week before the Friday you would like to receive the holiday payment and 10:00 on Monday in the week you would like to receive the holiday payment.

(Basically the holiday payment needs to be requested the week before the week in which you would like to receive the payment on the Friday and no later than 10:00 on Monday of that week.)

Once you have emailed your holiday payment request to us, you will receive an automated reply acknowledging receipt of your request.

If your holiday payment request is for Friday in the week you are sending the request but is received by us after 10:00 on Monday it will only be processed for the Friday week after.

Please note that if you request a holiday payment that is higher than your current holiday accrual, you will only be paid your current holiday accrual. For instance, you requested £150 in holiday pay but your current holiday accrual is £100, you will only be paid £100. We are not able to pay you more than your current holiday accrual.

There may be occasions where you have not booked any time off but due to your shift pattern, shorter hours or cancelations you would still like to receive a holiday payment. In that case you simply need to follow the holiday payment procedure above.

I understand the Colleague Safety Commitments below

I understand the Accuracy and Performance Policy for colleagues in the Distribution Centre

It is important that we provide an accurate and efficient service to our customers. Therefore we want to provide our colleagues with a supportive working environment in which any problems are picked up and resolved quickly.

However, we also recognise that there are times where it is necessary for us to deal with things in a more formal manner.

We pride ourselves on providing colleagues with a high standard of training to carry out their roles, and as such, we expect colleagues to meet a high level of accuracy when carrying out their duties.

Colleagues who are new to us, or who have recently transferred to another role within the Distribution Centre, will have the benefit of a thorough training and induction program. Accordingly, to ensure we give these colleagues the best chance of succeeding in their role, this policy will not apply to:

• new colleagues joining the Distribution centre, until their induction has been completed and signed off; or

• Existing colleagues who have transferred to a new role within the Distribution Centre for a period of 4 weeks post transfer.

Save for the circumstances set out above, this policy applies to all colleagues (which, for the avoidance of doubt also includes Agency colleagues) within the Distribution Centre.

To help us to ensure that a high level of accuracy is maintained, it is necessary to put in place a system whereby performance and accuracy is managed in an efficient and effective manner. This is set out below:

Letter of Concern

Where a colleague has an instance* of ‘error or inaccuracy* ‘we will discuss with that colleague why this may have occurred. We shall endeavour to provide any additional training to assist the colleague in improving their accuracy levels. Notwithstanding the reason for any inaccuracy, should the colleague have three separate instances of ‘error or inaccuracy’ within a 12 month period, a Letter of Concern will be issued to document our concerns. This will stay on their personal file for a period of 12 months.

Stage 1

If, within a 12 month period following the Letter of Concern an employee has a further three separate instances* of error or inaccuracy*, the colleague will be invited to a formal meeting to discuss their performance in more detail. These meetings will be held in a similar manner to our disciplinary process and as such may lead to a First Written Warning which will remain on the colleague’s personal file for a period of 12 months.

Stage 2

If, within a 12 month period following the First Written Warning an employee has a further three separate instances* of error or inaccuracy*, the colleague will be invited to a formal meeting to discuss their performance in more detail. These meetings will be held in a similar manner to our disciplinary process and as such may lead to a Final Written Warning which will remain on the colleague’s personal file for a period of 12 months.

Stage 3

We hope it doesn’t come to this, but if, within a 12 month period following the Final Written Warning an employee has a further three separate instances of error or inaccuracy, the colleague’s employment may be terminated on notice.

*An instance is an occasion of error. So, if a colleague makes 10 errors on one shift, it would only count as one instance as they all happened on the same occasion. This means that three instances of error would involve three separate occasions.

**An error or inaccuracy includes, but is not limited to:

• Picking the incorrect product;

• Picking the incorrect number of products;

• Failing to pick a product;

• Toting a product incorrectly;

• Putting a product in the incorrect location.

Pre-employment Literacy & Numeracy test


62 - 11 =

four + eight + eleven =

How many pumps are there in this box?

The time now is 3:30pm. What will the time be in an hour and a half?

Write the number six hundred sixty

What is the next number: 36 39 42 45 48 __

12 children get into teams of 3. How many teams are there?

How many boxes would you expect to find on this pallet?

How many 50s make 200?

Half of 54

How many 20p coins make £3?

How many units of item HAL709150 & HAL709168 in total are there on this pallet?

8 kilometres is about 5 miles. How many kilometres is 10 miles?

Double £1.24

There are 48 months in three years

Halfords operate 'one way' traffic in isles for LLOP picking. Every isle is marked at the beginning with green or red sign.

Green sign means that you can drive into the isle;

Red sign means that you must not drive into the isle.

In the following picture are you allowed to drive into isle '25-98'?

Manual Handling Questions

to be used with the warehouse manual handling video only

What is the first thing you should do before lifting and moving an object?
What should you do if a load is too heavy?
What should you do if your job requires a lot of standing?
Apart from vertebrae, discs and muscles in your back, what other parts of your body help support the back?
Fill in the blank:
The spinal ……… act like shock absorbers between each pair of vertebrae
What position should you adopt when lifting an object?
Fill in the blank:
Most of the power for lifting should come from your.................
At what height should heavy objects be stored?

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