From Candidate to Consultant: Martyna Blak

Congratulations on joining the Alliance office-based team, how is your first month going?

It has just been so good! Everyone was quiet initially but within such a short time it’s like I have known everyone for years – everyone just gets on and helps each other out. This is the start of my 3rd week and I’m just so settled already.

You have joined Alliance as a Consultant, what does this entail day to day?

Checking in with candidates and clients is key, knowing what their requirements are and if anyone needs assistance. Other roles include, advertising our jobs, checking off timesheets to ensure payroll runs smoothly. Working with our pool of candidates making sure details are up to date and everyone is fully vetted etc.

How did your relationship with Alliance come about?

I never thought I’d go into recruitment. Previously, I was placed, as a candidate in the mental health industry which was quite hard considering I was only 19. I had to leave due to looking after my Mum and I just happened to see a job for a Recruitment Consultant with experience of speaking a second language advertised on Indeed really close to home. The process was so fast. I applied online, Alliance contacted me after just a few hours, I had a face-to-face interview with Alex & Iustina, then pretty much started straight away as an Onsite Consultant, that is a consultant based permanently at an Alliance client’s office.

You mentioned the position required additional language skills?

Yes, I speak Polish. I moved to England at the age of 8 and started school straight away, it’s actually quite strange as I don’t remember physically learning English, it just sort of happened as I went along. There are times I use my Polish to speak with candidates mainly to keep my language skills fresh as all of them speak such English.

So, previously you were working as an Onsite Consultant for Alliance, how does this differ to your job role now?

It was a permanent contract based at Clients’ offices where I gained lots of experience. When the role with the client came to an end, sadly there were no roles available with Alliance as a Consultant at the time so I worked for a different agency at a new start up branch in Coventry. Unfortunately, whilst I was on holiday, the branch closed. As luck would have it, Alex reached out over LinkedIn and asked if I happened to be looking for work and here, I am, which is just great as it’s everything I’ve been looking for.

I love the variety of working with different clients and candidates, there is lots to remember and learn so it is keeping me on my toes and challenging me, which is what I like: – I like to be busy and challenged!

What is your favourite thing about Alliance so far?

It’s got to be our in-house staff game Spin the Wheel! It’s fun, tense and exciting all in one and I finally had my first win last week.

I also love how we are a team – like a family. Everyone actually helps each other and is ready to jump in and help no matter which team you are on.

For anyone looking to join Alliance whether it be as a candidate or a consultant, what advice would you give them?

Be yourself 100% – have confidence and belief.

Having been a candidate and now a consultant, what are your “go to” tips for candidates looking for a new position?

Keep your CV relevant and up to date. Clients want to see an up-to-date CV with your work history on. They will question gaps, especially if they have been recent, so ensure you are giving your latest information.

Interview advice – research the company, be yourself and talk about your experience honestly.

Finally, is there anything from your days as a candidate that helps you now in your role as a consultant?

As a consultant, one thing I will always promise to do is call my candidates back, whether they get the job or not. Having been a candidate who has applied for jobs and then not heard back from employers / agencies, I understand the frustration of waiting and not knowing, so I endeavor to always give my candidates feedback.