Drug and Alcohol Policy

Alliance Personnel endeavour to ensure that employees’ and workers use of either alcohol or drugs does not impair the safe and efficient running of the organization or the health and welfare of its employees, workers and clients.

Keeping us informed
If you have a health problem which could be misinterpreted as intoxication (for example diabetic coma or epileptic seizures), or if you are taking medication which may have side effects similar in appearance to intoxication, you must ensure that you make this known to your line manager.

All employees and workers must inform their line manager regarding any prescribed medication that may have an effect on their ability to carry out their work safely, and must follow any instructions subsequently given. Drugs that cause drowsiness must not be used whilst at work or in a way that could affect performance at work.

The health and well-being of our employees and workers is of paramount importance and Alliance Personnel considers alcohol and drug dependency as an illness. Any employee or worker suffering from drug or alcohol dependency should declare their dependency, and Alliance Personnel will subsequently provide reasonable assistance, treating absences for treatment and/or rehabilitation as any other sickness absence. Failure to accept help or continue with treatment will render the employee liable to normal disciplinary procedures.

All employees and workers must inform Alliance Personnel or any appropriate person if they suspect a fellow worker may be in breach of this policy.

Alcohol and drugs
Attending work unfit as a result of the consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is a serious disciplinary offence and may be regarded as gross misconduct which may result in immediate removal from an assignment and summary dismissal. Consuming illegal drugs or excessive alcohol on our or our clients’ premises is not permitted and may be treated as gross misconduct.
Alliance Personnel prohibits the drinking of alcohol by employees or workers in the workplace or on company business, other than reasonable drinking of alcohol in connection with approved social functions. Alliance Personnel regards drinking to an excessive level as any of the following situations:

Alliance Personnel prohibits the misuse of legitimate drugs or possession, use, distribution, or selling of illicit or un-prescribed controlled substances or alcoholic beverages on our or our clients’ business or premises and doing so may be treated as gross misconduct.
Where a criminal offence is suspected the client or Alliance Personnel may inform the Police.

Client policies
Many of our clients have drug and alcohol policies that apply to all workers under their control. This means that their policies will also apply to you whilst working on assignments and in particular could include random, routine or targeted testing.
All employees and workers should be aware of this possibility and must co-operate with the client fully. Failure to comply with policy or to permit testing could result in the immediate removal from the assignment and the noncompliance reported to Alliance Personnel, where we will instigate an investigation which could lead to disciplinary action.

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