Roofspace Solutions

Supplying a structured workforce for Roofspace

A member of the Saint-Gobain Group, Roofspace is an award-winning provider of off-site products and services to the construction sector. The company manufacture high quality homes and other structures under controlled factory environments ready to install on-site.

We began supplying Operatives to Roofspace Solutions in 2018 and were initially approached to supply 2 people as part of their 8-way multi-agency strategy. But none of the other agencies offered an on-site service and from the beginning we were visiting Roofspace twice a week to monitor KPI’s.

Both Roofspace and our Operatives liked the fact that we were on site and accessible to all involved. Over the course of the next few months Roofspace reduced the number of other agencies and the subsequent number of Operatives required was transferred to us. We are now the sole supplier of Operatives to Roofspace delivering approximately 100 people.

A continual and positive partnership has resulted in us installing an additional timekeeping and attendance-recording machine that works in tandem with Roofspace’s existing system. By acting as an extension to Roofspace’s HR team we implemented a long-term, structured training plan for all Operatives and we carry out all inductions for new starters. We also introduced operate a paperless system with everything logged online.

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