The top pick for Halfords

Halfords are the UK’s leading retailer of automotive and cycling products, and a leading operator in car servicing and repairs. The company is recognised as a great place to work and are one of the Sunday Times’ Top 30 Big Companies to Work For.

Our relationship with Halfords began in August 2017. A change in management on the operations side became the catalyst for a renewed drive to streamline the business. We were invited to become a recruitment partner for their Temporary Logistics Personnel alongside the incumbent agency.

Life at Halfords is fast paced and is evolving as much day to day as it does from season to season. We were able not only to meet the demands of such an environment, but through our higher standard of Candidates and On-Site Support we helped Halfords to drive the efficiencies they were looking for by reducing man-hours whilst increasing overall output.

As a result we are now the main supplier and at any given time our Workforce numbers up to 200 people across 2 Halfords logistics sites. We are managing the workload with fewer staff at a reduced overhead to the business.

“Since joining the Halfords team in 2017, Alliance Personnel have shown their deep understanding of our needs and the flexibility of resource management to support us with our temporary labour requirements throughout our seasonal fluctuations. Knowing we have a partner we can work closely with and trust is key for our logistics operations is critical to our success and in Alliance Personnel we know our requirements are in safe hands.”

Steve Sadler
Head of Logistics Operations