As we navigate unchartered waters

In these unusual times I thought I would share a few of my thoughts whilst updating you on life at Alliance as we and the country at large emerge tentatively out of lockdown.

Nobody can be certain what our industry will look like once the dust settles and we reflect on this unsettling time. Nations are at their most innovative during times of war and whilst our enemy may be invisible, it has forced us to embrace certain technologies faster and I think this will only gather pace from now on. There is much talk right now of a “new normal” and it will be interesting to see if this is just a state of mind for the remainder of this year or something far more permanent as and when we finally combat this devastating virus.

The past two months at Alliance have centred on supporting those businesses, which have been under great pressure to deliver food and other essentials to the nations’ doorsteps, namely transport and logistics. These sectors are now reducing their need for additional staff as they un-furlough their own staff and revert to staffing levels to reflect their more usual seasonal business cycle.

Many of our other clients are opening up for business albeit with a minimal workforce to ensure safe social distancing can be practised. There are still many full time and agency workers reliant upon the government’s furlough scheme, but I believe that with each passing week we will see more staff returning to work as we look to inject the vital stimulus our economy needs in order to recover as quickly as possible.

One of our key strengths at Alliance is our versatility. Whilst we are specialists in our own right within our chosen fields, we are not exposed to the ups and downs of a single market. To this end I can announce an exciting development in our Traffic Management side of our business. We are actively recruiting up to 115 qualified operatives to start work on June 15th. Our TM team has even arranged training courses for individuals to gain their TTMBC qualification via video to enable people to make a start in a new rewarding career. We have roles throughout the Midlands, North-East and Southampton. If you would to know more then contact Harry Caulwell:

One thing lockdown has taught us is that if you yearn to do something you must seize the day. Anna has therefore decided that she and her husband will be emigrating to Germany. It has been their desire for some time. They will join the family business and we wish them all the very best. Such are Anna’s abilities and her value to us we have agreed for her to say on part time, even whilst in Germany.

Lockdown has shown us how working from home can be achieved successfully, now Anna is taking it a step further and working from a different country! This now (in my opinion) makes Alliance Personnel an international company. However I’m not sure about paying Anna’s airfare for the end of month payday drinks!