Alliance Worker experience

Placing people first really is so much more than a slogan here at Alliance, it is the sum of everything that we do. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our workers Gabriel and Vojtech have to say.

Gabriel Andrei review Grimethorpe

Hi my name is Gabriel Andrei and I’ve been working at Symphony Kitchen in Grimethorpe for 1 year and 10 months. My job is assembling kitchen units which I enjoy a lot. I had previously experience which helped me but at the same time I’ve been very well looked after daily and had a training period for 6 weeks to achieve my targets. As always the first steps are the most difficult but if you are surrounded by a great team ready to support you at each step you will definitely succeed. I am very thankful with my role, my payrate and my working hours, especially because during the lockdown I’ve been sat at home for almost 3 months and I’ve been fully paid even as an agency worker. Symphony is a great place to work for especially through the Alliance Personnel Barnsley based team which is the most friendly and professional agency I ever worked for.

Vojtech Balogh review Rotherham

Hi, my name is Vojtech Balogh and I am 26 years old, I work at Symphony Factory Shop in Rotherham on behalf of Alliance Personnel Barnsley. Been working for Symphony for a while now and I still love it. I am building kitchen units and I find it quite an easy job even I you haven’t done previously as you will be fully trained for 6 weeks!!I am pleased with my Monday until Friday working hours so I can enjoy my weekends off with my family, and the pay rate is great too. Alliance Personnel is the best agency to work for, great people and very responsive to each employee needs. Definitely would recommend anyone to join Symphony if they are looking for serious workplace with guaranteed hours and excellent pay rates!