Alliance People, Onsite Solutions Candidate – Andrei Mocanu

My role at Symphony Group PLC Barnsley is? I am responsible for checking the components and the assembly of kitchen units.

I learnt about the position through? I found out about this opportunity to work at Symphony through the Alliance Personnel Barnsley staff, who were very happy to have me on their team!

My first impressions of Alliance Personnel were? I was impressed with how I was received in the Alliance Personnel team; I have received help when it’s been needed. I am proud to be part of this team!

The training I’ve received from Alliance has helped me with? I have received excellent training from Alliance Personnel. I have been well informed which has prepared me for the work that I have been expected to carry out.

My experience of working with Alliance Personnel is? Delightful. I have learnt how to be a dedicated and energetic leader, but also how to bring my passion into the workplace.

The role gives me satisfaction because? I am part of a young and exciting team.

My advice to anyone thinking about temporary work is? I would say go for it! The team at Alliance Personnel are very encouraging, the whole team thrives on team success.