Alliance People… Iustina Andrei

My Alliance role for Halfords is? I am working as an On-Site Co-ordinator at the Halfords distribution centre in Coventry.

A typical day for me would be? A typical day for me would be a busy one. I am always on the phone recruiting staff and helping all our colleagues with any queries they might have and delivering the best services to the client.

The benefits Onsite Solutions bring to Halfords are? One of the benefits of working onsite is that I can easily help both temps and client. Another benefit is that it helps provide a better service – quicker and easier problem solving and being proactive rather than reactive.

I would say our workers make a difference because? First of all, we are only looking for and recruiting people that are interested in being a part of such a great company and for a long time. We are looking for people with skills and help them improve their skills, but we are also doing our best to help the people who don’t have much experience by offering them a chance to learn and grow within a big company. People with these qualities always make a difference in society and other’s lives.

I would describe my relationship with my Halfords colleagues as? I would say my relationship with the Halfords colleagues is a good one. I am always happy to help in any matter, we’re a good team and that is what’s important.

The least enjoyable aspect of my role is? Having to deal with difficult people, which is definitely the most challenging. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen very often.

My philosophy on life is? Don’t just follow your dreams but work for them to become reality. I strongly believe that we can all achieve what we most desire but only if we work for it and if we keep working to go beyond what was just a dream at the beginning.