Alliance People… Fernando Loureiro

My Alliance role is? I started at Alliance three months ago as an Industrial Resourcer.

Before joining Alliance my role was… I came from Brazil a year ago and my first role here in the UK was with Alliance but on “the other side of the river.” I worked as a temporary worker with Alliance for almost 4 months as a warehouse operative.

I joined Alliance because… When I became acquainted with Alliance for the first time, I really liked the way they dealt with myself and the other temps. I realised the company had a good reputation and very nice clients. With that in mind, I decided to send my CV over to them and see if we can work together finding more people to work with.

I would describe my training as… Intense and gratifying. I worked as a temp for Alliance, so for me it was nice to see how things work on the other side. My manager and all my colleagues were always available to support me in developing my skills and knowledgeability.

What I have learnt so far has helped me to… Think out of the box and in advance. Working in recruitment means you always need to think of a second, third and fourth option. We need to think about the needs of the temps, the clients and how we need to match this properly in the best way so that everyone has a favourable outcome. So today I feel much more prepared and confident in my abilities to find the best candidate for the vacancies we have.

Being part of the Alliance team means… It means you are always busy haha. But at the same time you are always learning. Dealings with people can be very much unpredictable. We are not able to know exactly what we are going through every day and even so we need to be prepared to do what needs to be done. And I could not have asked for a better team ever.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is… Don’t take it personally. As we deal with lots of people daily and a diverse range of personalities, sometimes we have difficulty trying to resolve all of the situations. But as soon as you know it is part of the job you don’t let this affect your day, just do your best and let it go.

If I have time to myself I enjoy… Travel and comedy and if it is possible, all together.

When I was a child I wanted to be… A retiree

My advice to anyone thinking of a career in recruitment is… Always think we all have been in the same place as our candidates. We need to give them the best service and experience. Looking for a job is hard and difficult sometimes, so when you have someone friendly and helpful to assist you, everything becomes easier. Treat people in the same way you would like to be treated.