Alliance People… Arnie McVeighty

My Alliance role is? Associate Partner

A typical day for me would be? Being in recruitment I don’t think there is a typical day, especially working in the transport sector. I tend to try and plan my weeks between sorting payroll, canvasing new clients and resourcing to find new drivers.

The benefits Alliance brings to transport businesses are? A personal service, we are a single branch so the connection we have with out clients is very different from bigger companies. We know all our clients on a personal level due to speaking with them daily. And the same with drivers, we not only know exactly what type of work they are looking for but we know their family as well. It helps build really strong customer relations that means we can help in a very unique way in my opinion.

The most enjoyable aspect of my role is? I really enjoy the 360 role, having to do all aspects in the recruitment process. It keeps me on my toes and ensures that each day is different from the last. Having worked in an office role before recruitment really does have such a varied work load and you need to really be a particular type of person to succeed.

The least enjoyable aspect of my role is? To be honest the part I least enjoy is the admin that comes with driving recruitment.

My philosophy on life is? I wouldn’t say I have one particular philosophy but a selection. As corny as it is I really like the “work hard, play hard” motto. I think it’s a good way of looking at everything in life.