Alliance driver – Gary Hughes

How long have you been driving for Alliance? I have been driving for Alliance since 2018.

What would you say is the reason for you staying with Alliance for these many years? Alliance has consistently given me regular work with blue chip companies excellent communication re start times and always prompt payment.

Have you always been a Class 1 HGV driver? Not always, I have done many different jobs in the past including sales rep and a stint at Aston Villa Football club as a commercial sales executive!! I never settled though and decided on HGV driving doing my class 2 back in 2005. I’ve been a class 1 driver since 2014 and never looked back!!

What is it that sets Alliance drivers apart from other agency drivers? When employing drivers, Alliance look for quality and reliability. The drivers are an advert for Alliance and my own personal feedback from management at my workplace has been very good and also very positive towards Alliance. The fact that they keep asking for me and other Alliance drivers on a daily basis is testament to Alliance.

Can you describe a typical day for you? A typical day for me would be waking up at around midnight and setting off to my workplace in Tamworth. After being given my paperwork, I fill my flask with coffee from the vending machine and head off to the truck and trailer. My destination could be literally anywhere. I work through the night so I have the keys to unlock the front doors to then deliver cages, pallets and dollies into the store and collect the empties or returns from the previous delivery. Then it’s off to the next delivery etc. After a break it’s back to the NDC in Tamworth to fuel up and park up. A job well done!!

What do you most enjoy about your role? I enjoy the freedom of being an HGV driver driving to different places, working on my own and being left alone to do the job and it’s nice and quiet driving through the night. Seeing fantastic sunrises most mornings! I also enjoy the flexibility of working via an agency like Alliance and being paid weekly and per hour.

What do you least enjoy about your role? Having to sleep at anti social times is not enjoyable and sometimes the job can be demanding.

Is there any advice you would give to anyone considering becoming a driver? You will never be out of work and the pay has never been higher than it is right now. If you work for a professional agency like Alliance you have the flexibility in what days you want to work and what type of work you want to do. No two days are the same and you could end up driving up to Newcastle or down South. Your office window is your windscreen. And that view is constantly changing. I would definitely recommend it.

How would you describe the support you receive from Alliance? I have always received support from Alliance when I have needed it although that’s not very often as everything runs like clockwork with them, from getting start times to getting paid. Never had an issue with payment they are always spot on and the best agency I’ve worked for. Give them a call!!

Any vehicle, anywhere in the world. What is it and where would you be? Motorboat in the Caribbean!!