Alliance Client: Chris Lunt, Hales Freight

Alliance Client: Hales Freight
Name: Chris Lunt
Position: Transport Planner

What do you look for in an agency?
Cost & Reliability.

What do you look for in a driver?
Competence & reliability.

How long have you worked with Alliance Personnel?
Approx 6 months.

How do Alliance Personnel assist your business?
By supplying HGV Drivers on request.

How would you describe your relationship with Alliance Personnel?
Very good – Ami is always available to assist our requirements – Very easy to communicate with, and will always try to provide a pre-assessed driver (by us) whenever possible.

Do you feel Alliance Personnel has a good understanding of you as a client and how you operate?
Yes – We are a pretty straight forward operation when it comes to our requirements, which Ami / Alliance are always open to assist with.