Alliance Client: Adrian MacDonald

Adrian MacDonald with Ami Kaur

Pictured above: Adrian MacDonald with Ami Kaur.

Alliance Driving Consultant Ami Kaur recently interviewed our client Adrian MacDonald BHX Planner & Operations Manager at Circle Express. Ami asked Adrian to sum up why he and Circle Express rely on our services. Here’s what Adrian had to say…

What do you look for in an agency?
First and foremost, we’re looking for an agency who can supply reliable drivers. Then I would say good communication with the agency team, also a clear understanding of how we operate is very important.

How long have you worked with Alliance Personnel?
I would say that we’ve been a client now for about 20 years.

How do Alliance Personnel assist your business?
In every way. Alliance not only provide us with reliable drivers, but also warehouse and office staff. The agency can and have supplied people for every position at Circle Express Birmingham.

How would you describe your relationship with Alliance Personnel?
We have always had a good relationship with Alliance. However, I would say that since I started booking the drivers through Alliance myself, which would have been about 3-4 years ago, the relationship has become even stronger. Dealing with David Evans on a daily basis plays a big part in our relationship with Alliance, David has always gone above and beyond to source the right drivers for us.

Do you feel Alliance Personnel has a good understanding of you as a client and how you operate?
100% and it doesn’t get any better than that!

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